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State of Emergency

When deemed appropriate, the Governor of the State of Louisiana is authorized to declare a State of Emergency and issue a proclamation directing certain actions and suspending certains laws and rules.  Pharmacies and pharmacists should be aware of the Board's standing rule relative to a state of emergency.  It is automatically activated by a gubernatorial declaration of a state of emergency.  No notice is required by the Board.  A copy of Rule 519 ~ State of Emergency is available here and is also found in the Louisiana Pharmacy Law Book available on the Laws & Rules page on the Board's website.

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency  [State of Emergency scheduled to conclude on 12-22-2021]

Hurricane Laura  [State of Emergency scheduled to conclude on 12-26-2021]

Hurricane Delta  [State of Emergency scheduled to conclude on 12-30-2021]

Hurricane Ida  [State of Emergency scheduled to conclude on 12-05-2021]

Tropical Storm / Hurricane Sally  [State of Emergency terminated on 10-11-2020]
Tropical Storm Beta [State of Emergency terminated on 10-19-2020]
Hurricane Zeta [State of Emergency terminated on 07-22-2021]
Tropical Storm Claudette [State of Emergency terminated on 08-15-2021]
Hurricane Nicholas [State of Emergency terminated on 10-11-2021]

Numerous interim policies and rule waivers have been issued during the COVID-19 public health emergency as well as the state of emergency for Hurricane Laura.  Some of these will remain in effect for the duration of the emergency declaration and some of them have specific expiration dates.  To help you keep track of these interim policies, we have developed this summary.

Policy No.          Expiration Date                              Policy Title

PPM.I.D.2           Duration of PHE          C-19 PHE: Sterile Compounding Allowances by CDC Recommendations

PPM.I.D.4           12-31-2021                C-19 PHE: Compounding Hand Sanitizer for OTC Sale

PPM.I.D.5           12-31-2021                 C-19 PHE: Temporary Extension of Expiration Date of Medication Administration Registrations

PPM.I.D.7           Duration of PHE          C-19 PHE: Hospital Pharmacies (Alternate Storage, Centralization of Compounding, and Outpatient Dispensing)

PPM.I.D.9           Duration of PHE          C-19 PHE: Remote Practice for All Licensees

PPM.I.D.10         Duration of PHE          C-19 PHE: Monthly Inspection of Emergency Drug Kits

PPM.I.D.12         12-31-2022                 C-19 PHE: Flexible Staffing Ratios

PPM.I.D.14          Duration of PHE         C-19 PHE: Temporary Closure of Pharmacies

PPM.I.D.16          Duration of PHE         C-19 PHE: Verbal Prescriptions for Schedule II Medications

PPM.I.D.19          12-31-2022                C-19 PHE: CE Requirements for Renewal of Pharmacist Licensure for Calendar Year 2021, 2022, and 2023

PPM.I.D.20          Duration of PHE         C-19 PHE: Therapeutic Interchange by Pharmacists

PPM.I.D.21          Duration of PHE         C-19 PHE: Distribution of CDS by Pharmacies

PPM.I.D.22          Duration of PHE         C-19 PHE: Emailed Recommendations for Therapeutic Marijuana

PPM.I.D.24          Duration of PHE         C-19 PHE: Distribution of Bamlanivimab by Hospital Pharmacies

PPM.I.D.28          Duration of PHE         C-19 PHE: Guidance for Licensees re HHS PREP Act Declaration

PPM.I.D.29          Duration of PHE          C-19 PHE: Telehealth Waiver for CDTM Consultations

PPM.I.D.30          02-28-2022                 Hurricane Ida:  NABP Emergency Passport

The following interim policies have already expired on the date indicated:
PPM.I.D.1          05-26-2021          State of Emergency
PPM.I.D.3          04-20-2020          Remote Practice for Pharmacists
PPM.I.D.6          09-30-2020          Credentialing Actions (PNT, PTC, CDS)
PPM.I.D.8          05-26-2021          Marijuana Pharmacies
PPM.I.D.11        11-18-2020           Dispensing Limitations for CQ/HCQ
PPM.I.D.13        07-31-2020          Passport for Non-licensed Personnel
PPM.I.D.15        02-28-2021          Criminal History Record Checks
PPM.I.D.17        11-18-2020          CDS Annual Inventory
PPM.I.D.18        02-28-2021          Re-stocking AMS devices
PPM.I.D.23        09-20-2020          Dispensing Limits for Marijuana Products
PPM.I.D.25        11-18-2020          Non-licensed PST/CPT for Hurricane Laura
PPM.I.D.26        02-28-2021          Verbal marijuana recommendations for Hurricane Laura
PPM.I.D.27        02-28-2021          Special Work Permit for Non-licensed Pharmacist