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Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Information

To manage the technical aspects of the program, the Board has partnered with Appriss, Inc.  They receive the transaction reports from all the dispensers, house the data on servers owned by the Board, and host the web portal for authorized direct access users. Appriss has also authored technical assistance documents as provided below.

Annual Program Reports:     2018     2017     2016     2015     2014     2013     2012     2011     2010     2009

Report of Performance Audit for 2013-2016 by Louisiana Legislative Auditor

Additional information about various aspects of the program is provided through the following links.

                 General Information                                    Advisory Council

Information for Dispensers

Effective June 2, 2016 the reporting of eligible prescription transactions (Schedules II through V and drugs of concern) to the Louisiana PMP database must be submitted to the Appriss Clearinghouse.  This Louisiana Data Submission Dispenser Guide explains the process of registering and transmitting the required data.

Information for Direct Users

Prescribers who wish to obtain access to the PMP must visit https://louisiana.pmpaware.net/login and select the Create an Account link to begin the process.  The prescriber will be required to provide specific information unique to him in addition to the Individual Access Code provided to him by the Board for immediate access.

Prescribers who recently acquired a new Louisiana Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) License will receive the Individual Access Code from the Board once a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration number is acquired.

Once the PMP account has been established, the prescriber will receive an approval email, along with an email verification request.  These emails will come from no-reply-pmpaware@globalnotifications.com  Please adjust any email filters in place to recognize that address as a valid email address.

New on March 5, 2018:
Medical interns and residents seeking PMP access privileges must first acquire a Louisiana CDS license.  Once the CDS license has been issued, the intern must then apply for PMP access privileges.  Until the online auto-registration process is amended by the PMP vendor to include the medical interns and residents, the paper application form is required.  For medical interns and residents, we have packaged the CDS license application form and PMP access application form in one single file for your convenience.

For those prescribers who experience an entry error and cannot complete the online registration process, please contact the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) for assistance at (225) 925-6496, option "2".

Pharmacists who wish to obtain access the PMP must visit https://louisiana.pmpaware.net/login and select the Create an Account link to begin the process.  When the process has been completed, the site will prompt the pharmacist to complete a paper application form and mail it to the Board office.  Board staff can only process the original notarized document which must be accompanied by a copy of the pharmacist's driver's license or state-issued identification card.  In the event Board staff requires any additional information, they will email the pharmacist with instructions.

For detailed assistance, please refer to the User Registration Process Tutorial.

For more detailed assistance for the AWARxE program, please consult the AWARxE User Support Manual.

For your convenience, we have constructed a Quick Reference Guide for Patient Data Search.