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About Us

The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy was created by the Louisiana Legislature in 1888.  The legislature charged the Board with the authority and responsibility of regulating the profession and practice of pharmacy in the interest of the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the state of Louisiana.  The Board accomplishes its mission through two broad objectives - to restrict the entry into the practice of pharmacy to those persons meeting the minimum qualifications for licensure, and then to monitor and regulate the professional practice of its licensees to ensure their compliance with the laws and rules governing the practice of pharmacy.

The Board consists of seventeen members appointed by the governor, including two pharmacists from each of the eight pharmacy districts and one representative of the consumers from the state at large.  The pharmacist members serve a fixed term of six years, and the public member serves at the pleasure of the governor.  The terms of the pharmacist members shall be staggered so that the terms of no more than six members shall expire in any year.  Each appointment by the governor shall be subject to confirmation by the Louisiana Senate.

The Board meets generally four times per year, conducting some committee meetings and an administrative hearing in connection with the quarterly meeting.  Further, some of the Board's committees meet in the interim to complete their assigned tasks.  The Board generally holds its meetings at the Board office in Baton Rouge.

The directory of Board members contains the names and contact information for the members, as well as their primary professional practice setting and the expiration dates of their terms.  The staff directory contains the location and mailing address for the office as well as a listing of the staff members.

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